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Co-parent strategies to keep in mind during divorce

On Behalf of | Jul 1, 2020 | Firm News

Going through divorce with children has a fair set of challenges. It may take a while to grow accustomed to a schedule where you take care of your children separately, but still coordinate with your ex.

However, there are ways for you and your co-parent to help one another get comfortable with new routines you take on alone. Plus, you can develop methods to help you work together on joint responsibilities you face as a co-parent unit.

Stick to the schedule

One easy way to adjust to a new routine, like switching off parenting time, is by staying consistent. Not only can last-minute requests to change custody schedules or visitation time cause tension between co-parents, but inconsistency can be harmful for your children too.

Following routines, from regular pick-up times to consistent meal time or bedtime habits, can be beneficial in a couple different ways for children. Being firm about habits like a strict bedtime can allow your children to live their days well-rested. Plus, habits create predictability in life and can give children comfort, especially in times of change.

Use co-parenting apps

Forming a new kind of partnership with your ex, where marriage does not bind you, yet you remain highly collaborative when it comes to parenting your children, can be difficult. To aid in organizing joint responsibilities, you can try using a co-parenting app.

Co-parenting apps give co-parents a place where they can organize and access color-coded schedules for each child and child-related documents and expenses. Some apps even have messaging features that flag messages with a heated tone to help co-parents remain civil.

Prioritize your children

At the end of the day, you should carry out all co-parent decisions with your children in mind. For example, you might not want to agree to Wednesday night piano lessons for your child that your ex sought out because of pain you still feel from the breakup. But, having your children be your motive to maintain a healthy co-parent relationship can help you ease into co-parenting and resolve issues as they arise.

Divorce can be difficult for parents and children alike. But, putting aside your differences to benefit your children can go a long way.