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Modifying Terms Of Your Divorce Agreement

When a marriage ends, there are often a series of support and custody agreements between the former spouses. This can be a useful roadmap for how to handle child care and living costs, but what happens when things change? If the road ahead no longer resembles what is on the map, it may be time for a new set of directions. A skilled lawyer can help you navigate the modification process.

At the law firm of Hawthorne & Vesper, PLLC, our attorneys handle all divorce-related issues, including modifications. It is important to always seek help from a qualified lawyer if a change to your divorce agreement is necessary. Simply choosing to not follow the terms of your agreement will only lead to legal trouble. We are here to help.

What Types Of Things Can Be Modified?

In general, there are only certain portions of a divorce decree that may be modified after the agreement has been finalized. Things such as property division are almost always set in stone. However, the law recognizes that certain things may need to shift when families change. The most common types of modifications involve spousal support, child support, and child custody and visitation.

When Can An Agreement Be Modified?

In order to seek a modification to a divorce decree, a person must show that they have experienced a substantial change in their life’s circumstances. In plain English, this may involve the loss of a job or a significant promotion. An ex-spouse may have remarried, making spousal support payments unnecessary. One parent may wish to relocate, which will require a change to a child custody order. Whether you are the one who is seeking a modification or you wish to challenge your ex-spouse’s attempt at modifying an order, we are here to help you assert and protect your interests.

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